Eclipse Comment Template. These templates can be used later while performing sharing or commit. You can edit any of the existing templates or create the new template by clicking on the “new” button.

Eclipse Java Template for the 'create field' quick fix suggestion
Eclipse Java Template for the 'create field' quick fix suggestion

Select the code you want to add, press ctrl + / to add, as shown 2.javadoc note: Eclipse to add a comment shortcut. This dialog box displays all the configured templates.

My Problem Is That The $ {Enclosing_Method} Template Variable Doesn't Work Most Of The Time, But Other Times It Does And I Have Yet To Figure Out Why.

Invoking the shortcut on a class, method or field declaration will create a javadoc template: Set the entry of the comment template: Used by the new type wizards when a new java file is created.

Note That The Template Can Contain The Variable $ {Typecomment} And $ {Filecomment} That Will Be Substituted By The Evaluation Of The Types Respectively Files Comment Template.

If required, mark the 'automatically add comments for new methods and types' box for comments to be automatically generated when new methods and types. Commenttemplate is a code generation extension for the java language. 7) hit enter and it will generate the code a below.

6) Use The Template In Any Java Source File Using Ctrl+Space.

Public int doaction (int i) { return i; We show the different types of java comments and how to automatically add comments in eclipse. The menu navigation will enclose the selected lines of code in /* and */, thereby commenting the block of code as available in the selection.

I Prefer It To Be On Top And Have Seen It Work In.

Templates are marked in the content. Open source menu on the top and then click on the add block comment menu option under it. On this page user can create, edit or remove comment templates for committing, preview selected template.

I Want To Ask You, Where Can I Find Comment Templates When I Do Commit (Ctrl+Alt+C), There Is.

Or modify the comments in the code template. If you need to modify the template, click on one of comments, then click edit editing Enter a character string (e.g.