Swimlane Diagram Template. Using the metaphor of lanes in a pool, a swimlane diagram provides clarity and accountability by placing process steps within the horizontal or vertical “swimlanes” of a particular employee, work group or department. Involuntary termination process swim lane.

6 Swim Lane Diagram Template Excel Excel Templates
6 Swim Lane Diagram Template Excel Excel Templates

This template works by dividing the diagram into lanes, one for each participant in the process. Free editable swimlane diagram examples. This tool allows you to divide flow charts into columns and easily visualize who is in charge of each step of the process.

When Creating A Swimlane Diagram, Decide How Many Swimlanes Mean By The Number Of Department Sections Of Fragmentation You Need In Your Swim Lane Diagram Software.

In the accompanying example, the swimlanes are named customer, sales, contracts, legal, and fulfillment, and are arranged vertically. Use creately’s easy online diagram editor to edit this diagram, collaborate with others and export results to multiple image formats. It can help team members or different teams work together more efficiently by visualizing everyone’s 'swimlane.'.

The Swimlane Diagram Allows You To Visualize A Complex Process With Many Moving Parts Into A Simple Diagram Consisting Of “Swimlanes” And Actions.

A swim lane is a visual element used in process flow diagrams. Swim lanes may be arranged either horizontally or vertically. Learn more about that diagram type:

Be Clear About Your Goals.

A swim lane (also known as swimlane) diagram is a type of flowchart. 12 swimlane diagram examples with use cases. Get started by selecting the miro swimlane diagram template, then follow these steps to make it your own.

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Click on the pencil in the viewer toolbar to open the diagram in the editor. Swim lanes may be arranged. Swimlane diagrams are perfect to visually distinguish roles and responsibilities in a project with multiple stakeholders.

A Swimlane Diagram Is A Type Of Flowchart That Delineates Who Does What In A Process.

Remember that swimlane flowchart templates are best for visualizing how multiple contributors or teams work through the stages of a process. Download the swimlane diagram template for free. Click on a diagram image on this page to enlarge it in the diagrams.net viewer.